Gabriela Cangussu: Effective Weight Loss Program

Many people are struggling with weight gain these days

know they should go on a program of exercise and weight loss, but it can be hard to know where to start. There’s so much information about weight loss, you might wonder who you can trust to give you good advice on the exercise and weight loss program that can work for you. If you want this kind of advice, one of the best places to go for help is your own family doctor.

Most Effective Exercises

• Any exercise program, which strengthens the heart and burns calories, should include cardiovascular exercise. And walking is something you can do with no other equipment than a good pair of shoes anywhere, anytime. Not only for beginners: Even the fit can get a good workout from walking.

• Whether you’re a beginner or an exercise veteran, a walker or an aerobic dancer, adding interval training to your cardiovascular workout will increase your level of fitness and help you lose weight.

• Training in strength is important, experts say. Most experts tended to favor strength training exercises aimed at multiple groups of muscles Gabriela Cangussu. Squats, which work with quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal, are a good example.

• Like squats, the lung works with all the lower body’s main muscles: gluteal, quadriceps, and hamstrings. A lung is a great exercise because it imitates life and walking. It’s a little more advanced than squats that also help improve your balance.

• If done correctly, the chest, shoulders, triceps and even the core trunk muscles can be strengthened by a push – up at once. Push-ups can be performed at any fitness level.
Experts say there’s no magic: You get what you put in out of it. That doesn’t mean you have to work out every day for hours. It just means you have to work intelligently. However, experts agree that not all exercises are equal. Some are simply more efficient than others, whether they target multiple muscle groups, or help you burn calories more effectively. This is the reason why you need to consult an expert such as Gabriela Cangussu before performing these activities.

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