The litter inside rotates to stir and clean it with water.

Cat Care Using litter genie refill alternative

Caring is loving

It’s a simple thought but it carries a lot of responsibilities. If you love your cat you should be responsible to take good care of them. Like humans, cats also have needs, more than the food to eat. They have specific needs as a living animal and not as a human being. We may treat them as family but their physical characteristics as an animal longs for the care that is specifically for them.

Caring is cleaning

Pet care involves cleaning your pet and the waste they leave in your home and elsewhere. We don’t want to contaminate our places and the air around so we have to keep it clean. If you have a cat, it will require you to acquire a litter box where the cat could pee and poop. But the box requires cleaning and the litter genie refill alternative as well.

The litter genie can do the thing for you and with the litter genie refill alternative; your cat waste problem will be gone in minutes. This machine can do the following:

• Allow the cat to get on to it and leave their waste.
• Has a sensor that automatically sets the machine running after that cat leaves their waste
• The water drains towards the waste bin at the bottom of the machine and can drain the waste out down towards the hose outlet that you can direct towards the toilet and flush it.
• The litter comes out clean and can be used again for a couple of times before disposing it.
Caring is learning

You might own a cat but there are lots of things you need to learn to thoroughly take good care of them. Read more about them and use what you have learned to make you a better and responsible cat owner.

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