The Dirt Toothpaste

Importance of tooth powder for better oral life

We have been brushing twice every day ever since tooth grown in our mouth as toddler. And we have been using regular tooth paste the whole time which is injurious to tooth health. Even though it look okay we might be having cavity or some sensitivity problem being built inside our mouth for long time. To make your oral health better, using tooth powder will be having good impact.

Before the invention of tooth paste and tooth brush, human didn’t seem have much problem in teeth, but after the usage of tooth paste began, people started having lots of oral related problem and dental industry is earning lots in the medical field because of this. Tooth powders like the dirt toothpaste alike comeback of the golden days of good oral health and that’s why they are getting popular these days. They have surprisingly effective benefits by keeping teeth clean and free of bacteria.

Power of tooth powder

Toothpowder is a simple mix of natural ingredients which helps in strengthening and remineralize teeth’s enamel. The ingredients used in tooth powder influences these quality which are from baking soda, clay, essential oils and activated charcoals. These ingredients can improve the health of cavity prone teeth and eventually cure it too.
The ingredients in tooth powder are not of toxic materials and chemical as of tooth paste which is made of completely chemicals. So using all natural ingredients chemical powder is way better than having some chemical film and eroding the enamel of our teeth using some chemicals.

A good tooth powder has the ability to remove plaque if used for long period regularly. When plaque is built, it discolors our teeth and creates bad breath problem which also leads to damage of gums and cavities thus taking special care in handling plaque is important or the whole teeth will be replaced in the end.

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