How to Scent a Car Properly

Awful odors and nasty smells can build up overtime, especially in a closed-car atmosphere. In order for your nose to be happy, AromaTech suggests a mixture of eucalyptus and lemongrass because it hides stinky odors and at the same time keep the drivers alert throughout the journey. This is beneficial, especially if someone in the car has been sick or if it is a hot day and there are a lot of sweaty passengers inside.

During summer or a hot day, you can refresh your car by putting two drops of your chosen essence in a sprayer add some water and shake it vigorously. Spray it inside the car. If you love aromatherapy at home you can also use it while on the road. You can use your favorite oil at home in your car as well. You will definitely make your journey feel like relaxing day at the beach. So you see scent for aromatherapy has many good uses, including pleasure while driving. Just one precaution is necessary before using essential oils; you have to make sure that your passenger is not pregnant or epileptic. Stay away from oils with strong scent like rosemary and eucalyptus especially if you children inside your car.

Guide for Scenting a Car

• To help you concentrate use peppermint, lemon or cinnamon

• To help you invigorate use grapefruit, rosemary or eucalyptus

• To help someone with car sickness use peppermint, ginger or orange

• To help you calm use rosewood, geranium or mandarin

• To help clean the air use peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree
Pick a Scent to Compliment Your Mood

• If you have car sickness, pick ginger scent, it is an anti-nausea scent. If you don’t like its smell, you can also pick orange oil.

• If you have road-rage from time to time, mandarin can help calm you.

• If you have brain-fog, you can benefit from peppermint oil to stay alert.

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